HBO to shoot multiple endings for Game of Thrones?

According to a report quoting an HBO exec that got widely publicized yesterday, the plan to prevent future leaks and spoilers includes shooting “multiple endings” of season 8.  The network hasn’t officially confirmed the statement, but it’s a plausible one.  HBO has done this before at least once, in the case of Sex in the City (unfortunately they chose the stupidest ending to air).

My problem with this is that it sounds like an expensive way to ultimately fail at their goal of protecting their secrets.  Last year’s script leaks came very early and were confirmed multiple times by creepy weirdos stalking filmsets from a distance with telephoto lenses.  To top it off, in the middle of the season, HBO Europe accidentally aired an entire episode a week early.  As Varys probably said, “the only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead.”  This isn’t the first time that stuff got leaked, and it won’t be the last.


My other problem is that I can’t philosophically bring myself to care about this issue.  I’m the girl who watched Return of the Jedi before I saw any other Star Wars movie, so my first introduction of the character of Darth Vader was when Yoda confirmed he was Luke’s father and then died.  It was fine.  Everyone was fine.  AND I STILL LOVE STAR WARS.  Nobody should be forced to hear spoilers if they don’t want to, but literally the entire first four seasons of this series were already “leaked” by the existence of the books.

If Ghost is still a missing wolf through season 8 because the obsession with secrecy blows the budget filming stupid multiple endings, imma be mad.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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