Season 8 Production News – Directors Announced

Check it out, nerds: Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on season 8 directors.

Most exciting is the confirmation of what went around instagram yesterday: Miguel Sapochnik will be back to direct at least two, possibly three episodes!  For those of you who don’t spend all your free time listening to Game of Thrones podcasts, Sapochnik is basically the undisputed hero director of later-era Thrones.


He busted in to Season Five with “Hardhome,” which is my personal all-time favorite battle sequence that introduced us to the Night King.  Then in Season Six, he directed “Battle of the Bastards” and “Winds of Winter,” the final two episodes of the season.  “Bastards” won him the 2016 Emmy for Directing, although I personally think “Winds” is even better.  Season 7 arguably suffered for lacking his direction, and it’s 100% awesome that he will be back for the final year.

The remaining episodes will be directed by David Nutter, who directed the Red Wedding, and Benioff & Weiss themselves, who will take on the series finale.  IMO this points to a less action-packed, slow denouement approach to the final episode, which is absolutely fine by me!


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