January 2018: Month in Review

This month, I baked 9 things!  (Technically, I baked 10, but the black forest cherry cake came before I started this blog, and to be totally fair, my husband basically did almost all the work, so I didn’t log it here.)

  1. Gingersnaps and mini lemon cheesecakes
  2. Double chocolate chip muffins
  3. Blueberry and cream cheese muffin top bread
  4. Cranberry oat muffins
  5. I remade: Blueberry cream cheese muffin loaf
  6. Brownies
  7. Banana buttermilk muffins
  8. Biscuits!
  9. Tide pod vanilla buttermilk cupcakes

Out of the nine, I think several of these came out really well and I would remake again, with few to no tweaks.  The only one that I think was a real dud was the cranberry oat muffin, which was too bland to be a dessert and too sweet to be a healthy breakfast.

If I absolutely had to pick a favorite, I suppose it would be… the blueberry and cream cheese muffin top bread.  It was so fiddly and I thought I messed it up!  But then re-baking it revealed, it’s just a messy recipe, and it tastes amazing anyway.  I would make this again for almost any occasion: to take to a party, to give away to friends, or just to eat at home standing at the counter until I realize I’ve accidentally finished the whole thing.


I also really enjoyed the brownies and double chocolate chip muffins.

New things I tried this month included:

  • Decorating with colored frosting!
  • Baking something savory!
  • Making a layered flaky dough!
  • Using a lot of buttermilk!
  • Rolling a cookie dough into a LOG, freezing it, and cutting off rounds!
  • Greasing/flouring muffin tins instead of using paper liners!
  • Finally using the sifter we got from our wedding registry!

Out of my baking resolutions, I have made progress in several areas.  I attempted to work on decorating skills with tide pod cupcakes.  I kept GREAT records, visual and written, through this blog.  I baked an average of twice a week, well over my goal.  I tried to go outside of my comfort zone with the biscuits and tide pod cupcakes.  And I re-baked once to improve technique.  (I learned a LOT from this, actually.)

I did not bake any cakes nor did I do any experimenting with yeast or bread, so those remain two areas to continue working on in the future.

In February, I would really like to explore:

  • baking with Nutella
  • using coffee flavoring in desserts
  • having FUN with baking!!!

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