March 2018: Month in Review

This month, I baked 9 things!

  1. Banana cupcakes with Nutella frosting
  2. Cinnamon sour cream coffee cake
  3. Hummingbird cake!
  4. Irish cream cupcakes with italian buttercream
  5. Espresso cream lazy tiramisu
  6. Shortbread chocolate chunk cookies
  7. Lemon bars
  8. Jalapeno Cheeto Krispy treats
  9. Carrot cake!

Each of these had their merits, although obviously Cheeto Krispy treats were more of an exercise in testing the boundaries of reality than an actual recipe, and I’d say the cinnamon sour cream coffee cake was the most forgettable.

Out of the rest, I really liked the banana cupcakes with nutella frosting, hummingbird cake, Irish cream cupcakes, lemon bars, and carrot cake.  If you made me pick an absolute favorite, it would probably be the Irish cream cupcakes.  These were the most complicated and difficult things I made this month, but overall I think they (a) tasted really good and (b) looked really pretty.

New things I tried/learned this month:

  • I used a large glass to help make it easier to fill a frosting bag!
  • I realized my cake pans were too small and got real 9″ cake pans!
  • I made “pineapple flowers” by dehydrating the fruit in the oven!
  • I made Italian meringue!
  • I used a pouring measuring cup to distribute batter neatly into cupcake wells!
  • I made TWO layers cakes!  I never made layer cakes before!

Let’s revisit my 2018 baking resolutions…


This month, I made progress towards #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.  I did not re-bake any thing this month.  I also did not yet experiment with any yeast or bread.  SO, that will be a goal for April 2018.  Specifically, I want to try re-baking the Irish Cream Cupcakes, or at the very least the Italian meringue.  I also want to try making one of these yeasty recipes:


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