I made: Mini challah bread!

This is another mini update about a mini bake.  I had a dream of surprising my man with French toast this weekend and someone told me that challah makes the best French toast.  So I decided to take the plunge and really try baking with yeast like I said I would in my 2018 Baking Resolutions.


I was afraid of ruining it and wasting a lot of ingredients, so I found this mini challah recipe which felt more doable.


  • It didn’t rise at first, and I suspect I murdered the yeast with too-hot water.  I mixed in more yeast with more water and sugar to proof and then added it into the dough along with more flour.  It WORKED!  Obviously it messed up the overall proportions of the recipe so I wouldn’t recommend planning on doing it that way, but it was cool to discover a way to salvage a failure into something edible.
  • Aside from the issue with rising I had no other real problems with the recipe.  It’s honestly pretty simple and straightforward.
  • It was late and I had had several beers by the time it finally came out of the oven but I found it quite tasty.  I ate half of it before my husband came home from his business trip and most of the rest for breakfast.


  • So, the moral to the story is, I’m going to have to make MORE challah bread in order to actually carry out my French toast plan.
  • Next time I’d like to make it a little bit… idk, taller?  It was good but a little low.  Part of that is probably the issues with the rise, though.
  • Also I want to learn how to do fancy braids!


Jealous doggy


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