I remade: Mini challah bread!

When I first wrote up my challah bread efforts, I mentioned that I was planning to make French toast but accidentally ate all of the bread instead of French toasting it oops.  So I had to try again.  This time I also doubled the recipe in order to help prevent accidentally eating it all.  I braided the second loaf in six strands which I was worried was going to be a big mess, but actually ended up looking really cute & fancy!


French toast should be happening later today.  Other notes about this recipe:

  • I made sure to proof the yeast in advance and I didn’t have any issues with rising that I had had last time.  Pretty sure the problem was that I made the water too hot.
  • I used slightly less flour than I had the first time, which meant the dough was a little stickier?  I was worried about it at first, but it seemed to bake up nicely anyway.



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