April 2018: Month in Review

This month, I baked 7 things:

  1. Brownie roll-out cookies!
  2. Mini challah bread!
  3. Mini challah bread!
  4. Classic birthday cupcakes
  5. Chili chocolate cupcakes!
  6. Challah bread
  7. Mango rose cheesecake

The worst was, by far, the mango rose cheesecake.

The best: I’m getting better at challah bread, and I really dug the chili chocolate cupcakes.  The challah looks better than it tastes, to be honest, but I think I’m getting somewhere.

New things I tried this month:

  • I made a yeast bread!  (Okay technically this isn’t NEW new, because I have made breads before in the past.  But not since I started this blog/baking project.)
  • I re-baked something TWICE!

Also, this isn’t exactly new either, but I feel I turned a corner with my cupcake decorating in that they no longer look quite as much like garbage.


On the resolution front: I continued making progress towards 1, 4, 5, and 6, and I finally got somewhere with #7 for the first time this year.

Next month: To be quite honest, I am at a very busy point in my life and I’m no longer finding myself able to bake during the week, which limits this endeavor to weekends only, and even then I’m not always up for it.  I did notice, reviewing my previous posts, that I didn’t re-make any Italian meringue, which was something I was hoping to do in April; so perhaps I will get to it in May at some point.


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