I made: Brioche

So far this is one of my favorite things I’ve baked this year!  I have always loved brioche and after my reasonable success with challah, it seemed like a good next step in the realm of yeast baking.  I found this recipe simply by googling, and followed the instructions fairly closely; I mixed with the stand mixer instead of by hand, however.  I split the dough in half and made 8 rolls with one half, and a loaf with the other half.


  • The rolls were EXCELLENT in terms of taste and texture.  We ate them all the first night.
  • Some of the rolls came out shaped a little funny.  It’s a work in progress.


  • I did half the rolls as simple balls, and the other half I attempted to make a fancier shape by putting one smaller ball on top of a larger ball of dough.  These worked okay for the most part, but for sandwich purposes, the simple balls worked better.


  • The loaf was okay.  It didn’t make an especially tall loaf, although it’s such a rich bread, I’m not sure if you’d really want a much larger slice at a time.
  • The loaf has lasted a bit longer.  After a few days, it has become sort of unpleasantly… crumbly?  It still tastes fine, but makes a giant mess.


Next time:

  • I have a very tiny collection of attachments for my stand mixer, which made the mixing process more difficult than it really needs to be.  I don’t actually have a proper “dough hook” at all.  I think I would try it by hand next time.
  • Actually I think I need to watch some videos because I’m not 100% sure my dough was right.  It was so crumbly and barely dough at all before I started adding butter, I just don’t know if I ever fully developed the gluten in it.
  • I’d rather just make 16 rolls than bother with the loaf (at least with this recipe).