I made: Espresso cream lazy tiramisu

Last week after I made cupcakes, I had lots of components left over.  I had the cupcake insides which I scooped out to make room for filling, some leftover buttercream frosting, and seven egg yolks from my repeated failures to separate eggs.  I wanted to use up all of this stuff at once, so the obvious solution was to make a custard and then sort of layer it with the other stuff.  Someone described it as “tiramisu,” which I think was quite a stretch, but I’ll accept it.


So, I don’t really have a recipe for this one.  I mushed up the leftover cupcake insides and added some coffee to it, then divided it equally among 8 cups I had.

Then I made the custard.  That was probably the trickiest part, although I have made The Kitchn’s recipe for pastry cream several times before, so it wasn’t that hard.  To make the custard espresso-flavored, I added 2 or 3 teaspoons of instant espresso powder during the heating-the-milk phase.  I cooled it in the fridge for a few hours then scooped it out into the cups.

(BTW: recipes for custards and pastry creams always include a “strain your custard to remove any cooked egg” step, and so far I’ve only done this twice.  Both times, I discovered that I didn’t have any cooked egg.  So I think this is a good step to do if you haven’t made custard before, or if you’re lazy about stirring it, or if you’re using an unfamiliar heat source, but basically in general it’s an extra step and a pain that you don’t have to do.)

Finally I used a cookie scoop to add the buttercream on top of each cup, and topped with chocolate sprinkles.  Ta-da!


I actually don’t know exactly how it turned out because I didn’t eat one myself, I’m trying to keep my carb intake relatively low and I’d eaten a LOT of cupcakes the day before.  My husband and classmates seemed to enjoy it reasonably well.  I did taste the espresso pastry cream and that was pretty good.


  • Well, I probably wouldn’t make this exactly next time, because it was more of a use-up-what-you-have recipe.
  • I would like to try and make tiramisu for real, though.
  • I also really liked the espresso cream, I would make that again as a filling for pastries or whatever.