I made: Brownie roll-out cookies!

Just a mini-update today as I don’t have time to do a full write-up but I do want to record these before I forget.  The motivation for this bake was because we went to Sur Le Table over the weekend and got a bunch of amazing cookie cutters, so I needed to work on my cookie-cutter-cookie recipes.  I got this one from Smitten Kitchen and it is pretty great!


  • The recipe itself is perfect and doesn’t need adjusting.
  • These are VERY easy to cut out, even with a fairly intricate cutter.
  • I accidentally froze the dough because I forgot about it and left it overnight, but I just rolled it out the next day and it was still fine.
  • The cookies taste AMAZING fresh out of the oven and are soft and lovely.  They harden up after 24 hours so I’d recommend eating them right away.