I made: Mango rose cheesecake

Honestly I’m not even gonna get into it very much.  This was, by far, the most disgusting thing I’ve baked this year (possibly ever).  I got the recipe from a cookbook, which seems otherwise decent and thus I will not slander it here.  However, it suffered from several fatal problems:

  • The recipe called for FIVE TABLESPOONS (!) of rose water, which, even though I recognized this as a problem and reduced it to two, was still disgusting.
  • My sour cream was, while not bad exactly, a weird texture due to being semi-frozen at the back of the freezer.
  • For some reason instead of baking it in a normal springform pan the recipe suggested making this cheesecake in a pie plate.  Which was not big enough for the recipe even though I triple checked the size of my pie plate.

In conclusion, it was both terrible-tasting and a revolting texture.  I’m quite impressed that I managed to make something so bad, and also a little sad that I didn’t get any pictures of it.